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Driving with Care

DWC Level 1 Education

Wednesdays at 4pm via Zoom
6 sessions, one session weekly
$275 (includes workbook)

DWC Level 2 Education

Wednesdays at 6pm via Zoom
12 sessions, one session weekly
$390 (includes workbook)

Professional Counseling Center offers both Levels I and II Driving with Care Educational courses. These are offered in a way that meet criteria for legal requirements, as well as providing a great deal of education to help prevent further issues with driving while intoxicated or under the influence. To make this more accessible, these classes are held live by a certified LADC instructor on an online platform. This means you don’t have to have transportation to a class every week if you don’t have your driver’s license currently.
As this is a class, it is all self pay and insurance does not cover this service.

To register for Driving with Care call 763-972-6527